About me

Marian started reading fantasy at 6 when she found a huge hardcover copy of The Lord of the Rings. Parental units took that away but replaced it with a more age-appropriate paperback of The Hobbit, which she could also carry around easily. Soon afterwards she found another book with an adorable bunny rabbit on the cover. Yes, that was Watership Down. She had to wait almost ten years for romance novels, but once she discovered those she never looked back, and now combines the two for maximum fun.

Marian was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in the United Arab Emirates, studied in the United States (Georgia and Texas), worked in Nunavut and lives in Toronto. For now. Her apartment contains: nearly a thousand books, no television set, two dancing bear sculptures and a replica of Sting.

She blogs at Flights of Fantasy. Is on Twitter. And loves to hear from readers – mdperera at hotmail dot com.