Reviews for Before the Storm

If you enjoy high fantasy, and a truly well written world to sink into, I recommend this story. I’m looking forward to seeing how Marian continues the tale in the next of the trilogy.

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Last night, I was struck by a bout of insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep.  I decided to pick up my Kindle and began reading Marian Perera’s “Before the Storm,” thinking that I’d read for a few minutes and then go to bed.  At six thirty this morning, I finished the book.

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The plot is fast-paced and fun, the romance convincing and sexy, the politics intriguing, the magic unique… It was a very good book.

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This is recommended for fans of fantasy-romance books.  It was a great read and I look forward to reading the next books.

Bookingly Yours

The story was well written, with an undercurrent of suspense, and the feeling of tense expectation for when the trap would be sprung. Woven into this was the slow and steady growth of feelings between Robert and Alex, not as master and mare, but as a man who grows to respect and then love this woman thrust upon him.

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The best part was the exciting culmination of the whole thing. I loved that Alex was an integral part of it all and didn’t just sit pretty while the fighting was happening.

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What you get at the end of this book is an adult romance about people who are flawed, scarred, burdened, and terribly terribly remarkable. I loved them and I loved this book.

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Reviews for The Deepest Ocean

It’s a thrilling tale of action and adventure on the high seas… [Yerena] is a soft-spoken and plainly dressed young woman from their country’s version of the Secret Service, who’s spent the last fifteen years developing and refining telepathic control over a thirty-foot long great white shark. It’s a fantastic weapon, but like all the best weapons, it’s not always safe for the user either.

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I loved how Darok and Yerena’s cultures clashed during their first attempt at smexy times. It showed how stunted Yerena was in certain areas and increased my regard for Darok because of his actions during the scene… I also thought the way they grew together, argued, made up, and saved each others lives was very entertaining.

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And if you don’t want to read a book about a woman who has a pet Great White Shark, you are dead to me.

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I’d like to just step back from telepathic sharks a moment and say brain coral is the best extrapolation from marine biology ever to feature in a fantasy.

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Reviews for The Farthest Shore

…absolutely incredible action.  This is IMAX 3D stuff.  When Marian Perera writes about a battle at sea, she does not mess around.  You get cannons and swords and multiple giant ocean predators.  You get intrigue and frying pans and tentacles all the hell over the place.  Please, Hollywood, make this series into a blockbuster film franchise.  I’m begging, here.

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…it was very heartening to see the way that he changed as he spent more time with Miri and learned to see her for who she was.

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I am seriously looking forward to the next installment in this world because I find her storytelling fascinating and the world full of possibilities.

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Reviews for The Highest Tide

Lera is an incredibly engaging heroine and as for Jason, well, a man who can make a bed out of moss when you are trapped in a cave on an island is not a man to lightly toss aside.

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Reviews for The Coldest Sea

A swoony, brooding sea captain meets a plucky musician heroine in this engaging paranormal story.
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The Coldest Sea is a well-written, engaging fantasy romance with a plot that kept me turning pages until well past the time I’d meant to go to bed. I recommend it highly to fellow fantasy readers.
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